Final Days

by War Curse

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War Curse was formed in late 2013 by guitarists Justin Roth and Joshua Murphy, and drummer James Goetz. In 2014 the decision to pursue the project led to the recruitment of vocalist Tarek Puska, and a bassist named Death Metal Doug (who wasn't to last long). Two bassists later, Eric Payne completes the line up and War Curse is melting faces around the Midwest, sharing the stage with notable bands like Raven, Viking, Unleash the Archers, and many more. Listening to War Curse’s debut EP “Final Days” reveals influences from early thrash metal icons Exodus and Testament, heavy metal titans Metallica and Megadeth, and draws subtle inspiration from the band’s love of punk rock. War Curse has been called thrash enough for the thrash heads and heavy metal enough for the guys who grew up listening to Iron Maiden. With no plans on slowing down, War Curse will be heading back into the studio in early 2016 to record a follow up to “Final Days”, hoping to showcase their evolution as a band and songwriters.


released January 26, 2016



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Static Tension Portland, Oregon

Heavy metal label based out of Portland, Oregon.

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Track Name: Dawn Patrol
I sleep by the warmth of the fire
Breathe the cold mountain air
My bones so frozen and tired
I must rest so I am prepared
As I walk into a dream
I fall off in a nightmare
No one can hear me scream
The smell of death pollutes the air

(Chorus 1)
Awoken by the sound of hooves
As the falling ice turns my fire to smoke
A howling wind blows through the trees
Survival is my only goal
With battle on the horizon
I will fight with all of my soul
Through the storms I push forward
On my horse as I ride with the Dawn Patrol

I view the approaching enemy
Lined up as far as the eye can see
The ground shakes beneath my feet
I pull my blade and clench my teeth

(chorus 2)
I scream out with a battle cry
As I raise my sword up to the sky
I lead my men as on we charge
Some will die and some will scar
Few will live to tell the tale
Final breaths on this deadly trail
Straight down the hill and into the war
The last thing you’ll see is the Dawn Patrol
Track Name: Blue Line Of Injustice
(verse 1)
A blue line marks the corrupted
Protectors of the innocent
Beyond the realm of justice
Fearing not of the vigilant
Life reduced to judgement
Reactions become the law of man
Power blinds the appointed
Killing all who take a stand

(pre-chorus / slow part)
Strike down the defiant
Toe the line obey commands
Do it for your country
Stand against your fellow man
Strike down the defiant
The power to kill is in your hands
Learn to hate and deny it
Domination the master plan

(verse 2)
No peace, no justice
No mercy for the innocent
Exterminate the unwanted
Rule the land with an iron fist
Who will be the next to fall
Outlined in the street
Actions will be justified
Lying through their teeth

(chorus / harmony riff)
Unrest turns to conflict
Declared state of emergencey
Cities under occupation
Witness the rebirth of anarchy

(short 3rd verse)
Who will be the next to fall
Life taken by hate
A blue line scars the earth
A broken oath that seals your fate
Track Name: Severed Crosses
Believers of false scriptures
Supposed keepers of mankind
No one died for your sins
But I'll let you die for mine

Everything that you have taught
Was written to control
Lies spoken in tongues
Can't save your tarnished soul

This is a new flood
That will cleanse the earth of man
For those of you found guilty
There won't be a promised land
You think your faith will save you
You all will fall in time
Confessions fall on deaf ears
Unforgiven for your crimes

Everything that you have taught
Was written to control
Cleanse your sins in holy water
But it will not save your soul

Your failure to enslave
Will precede your end of days
My final covenant
I will hear you all repent

A new age of reason
Will be signaled by your fall
Built upon the ruins
Of your idols proven false
The complete devastation
Created by these hands
Severs you all from the world
The awakening of man

Believers of false scriptures
Supposed keepers of mankind
No one died for your sins
But now you've died for mine
Track Name: New Chemical Warfare
New chemical warfare
Taking on our own
Creating silent victims
Who can't fight this thing alone

(verse 1)
Inject the poison into the young
Disrupting natures course 
Trapping them inside their minds 
Their future shall be forced
Those who can not speak
Will never take the throne
Thoughts will live and thoughts will die 
With no resistance shown

Marked from birth
To receive the curse
The ones who gave you life
Offer you for sacrifice 

(Verse 2)
Pollute the pure before they grow
Derail the train of thought 
Human life reengineered 
The official story bought 
Laboratory secrets show their face 
In the eyes of the innocent 
A manipulated human race
Manufactured imprisonment 

(spoken build up)
Their weapons have been advanced
The real war has been disguised
Manufacturing a new humanity
Hiding it right before our eyes

(Solo riff)
The rules subject to change
The truth is known and locked away
Resistance not an option
The ones they’re after have no say

(Verse 3)
A false protection from disease
Bringing parents to their knees
Minds are warped and dreams destroyed
Decisions become null and void 
Force the drug or force the hand
Take the shot, obey commands
The youth will now be euthanized
For the greater good before your eyes
Track Name: Drudge
Records signed in blood behind closed doors
Set the stage for undeclared war
Lady peace is buried, killed last night
Decapitated & dead to rights

Stay asleep
The Pain

Gospel distorted, spoken in tongues
Baptized in fire from the end of a gun
Raise the flag of deceit for all to see
What you’re told is what you’ll believe

Stay asleep
The Pain

Bloodstained rose on a casket closed
A picture of life from the other side
Civil unrest sets the streets alight
Propaganda set to divide

(outro chorus)
Fatal Flash
Cleanse the earth
Marked for death
Not to be heard (x2)